Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From Me Home I Started

Hey everyone-- The Gutrotter's going on, if not a hiatus, a bit of a sabbatical. I'm hoping to keep updating  on an irregular schedule and I'll hopefully come back swinging bloody knuckles once everything's picking up, but:

1) Money's real tight right now, and while nothing I get for this blog is too expensive, I still gotta scrape together my pennies.
2) In kind of a bad state with work and money and bills and other issues, the roommate's out, and I really shouldn't be drinking 3-dollar vodka alone right now.
3) Recent entries haven't been that great, I think-- need to step back, tighten up the comedy, and figure out my process a little better.

If any of you have a bottle of something awful, though, and happen to be in or around Asheville NC,  feel free to bring it by and we'll hash something out. That said-- see you around, and keep your eyes out for when I do update.

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